WebRiplex Business Servers


When high performance is your business need — choose multi-processor multi-core dedicated servers with fast delivery with built to your need freedom.

Ready when you need it.

Although our business class servers are available in configurations that are most needed, to serve your needs real fast.

No Size Fits All

Let our server specialists build a fully customized dedicated server to suit your exact needs, starting from disk-space, networking, processors, chasing and ram.

Fully Customize-able Dedicated Servers

Storage Servers

Dell PowerEdge



Thanks to its partnerships with first-rate hardware and network providers we can offer the latest technological advances and the best performances


Anti-DDoS is included with all our servers. Your servers are protected by anti-DDos network which mitigates attack before it reaches your server.

Unlimited Inbound

We are among very few dedicated server providers that offer Unlimited Bandwidth. Our inbound bandwidth is never metered and outbound is unlimited with few exception.

Fast Delivery

All our budget servers are delivered with 2 hour time. We always keep spare servers with default configurations to make sure we can deliver ASAP.


Are your Dedicated Servers managed?

We manage both the hardware of your server and the pre-installed LAMP stack with cPanel/WHM. Full Server management can be bought as an addon.

How long will it take to provision my server?

For budget and email servers it takes maximum 12 hours to provision a server after confirmation of your order. Though most of servers are are delivered within 4 hour time frame.

What control panels do you offer.

We offer both industry leading control panels for Windows and Linux. We have over 10 years of extensive experience in providing support/ migration for both.

What are upgrade options?

We offer three type of servers, upgrade options differ depending on which server you have.

  1. Budget Servers > You can upgrade to a more powerful server within same category or business server category. We fully assist our managed clients with migration process.
  2. Business Servers > You can upgrade hardware (ram/harddisks), or move to a more powerful server if you want to upgrade process.
  3. Email Servers > Upgrades are available but it is recommended that you go for a new server always since it will come with new set of IPs.

Do you have a guaranteed network up-time?

We do not claim 100% up-time for the last 10 years continuously as that is not possible (even some companies will do that but it is too good to be true). We can however claim that our network up-time is 99.99%.

What is your server uptime for manged servers?

Over a span of 1 years (for better understanding) our Linux servers had an uptime of 99.9% combined, where as our windows server have a slight less time due to restarts needed after windows updates.